Zodiac signs in arabic

Zodiac signs in Arabic

Today you will learn the names of the zodiac signs in Arabic.  As you might guess, not all names are translated literally.

Although a lot of people don’t believe in zodiac signs and don’t not take them seriously, surely everyone has heard of them.  Have you ever wondered what the names of the zodiac signs sound like in Arabic? Would you guess how to say Libra or Sagittarius in Arabic?

You can find their Arabic names and pronunciation on our list below. Even if you don’t believe in zodiac signs you still can learn some useful Arabic words.

If you think you know it already you may check yourself with our Arabic Vocabulary Quiz at the end of this post.

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How to say zodiac sign in Arabic?

The word for zodiac sign in Arabic is بُرْج [burj].

Plural for بُرْج is either بُروج [buruuj] or أبْراج [abraaj].

*This word means also constellation or tower.

Some of the names of zodiac signs refer to animals. If you don’t know animals names in Arabic you can learn them here: Animals in Arabic

Names of the zodiac signs in Arabic

Ariesبرج الحملburj al Hamal
Taurusبرج الثورburj ath-thawr
Geminiبرج الجوزاءburj al-juuzaa’
Cancer برج السرطانburj as-saraTaan
Leo برج الأسدburj al-asad
Virgoبرج العذراءburj al-3adhraa’
Libra برج الميزانburj al-miizaan
Scorpio برج العقربburj al-3aqrab
Sagittarius برج القوسburj al-qaws
Capricorn برج الجديburj al-jadiy
Aquarius برج الدلوburj ad-daluu
Pisces برج الحوتburj al-Huut

Aries in arabic, Gemini in arabic, Taurus in arabic,
Zodiac signs in arabic, cancer in arabic, Leo in arabic, Virgo in arabic
Scorpio in arabic, Sagittarius in arabic, Libra in arabic
Zodiac signs in arabic, Capricorn in arabic, Aquarius in arabic, Pisces in Arabic

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Zodiac signs in Arabic quiz

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Zodiac signs in Arabic Quiz

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