Names of flowers in arabic - list

Names of flowers in Arabic

Learn the names of flowers in Arabic. In today’s lesson, you’ll learn the Arabic names of popular flowers and you will be able to test your knowledge with a Quiz.

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How to say flower in Arabic?

Word flower in Arabic is زَهْر [zahr] and plural for zahr is زُهور [zuhuur]. Remember that this is a collective noun; one flower is زَهْرة [zahra].

word flowers in arabic

Learn the names of some common flowers in Arabic. You are going to learn how to say hibiscus, orchid, and dandelion in Arabic.

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Rose in Arabic

rose in arabic flowers in arabic

Rose in Arabic is وَرْد, which is pronounced [ward]. This is also a collective noun, so one rose would be وَرْدة [warda]

Hibiscus in Arabic

List of flowers in arabic

Flower Hibiscus in Arabic is called خِطْمِيّ [khiTmiy].

Dandelion in Arabic

Dandelion in Arabic flowers In Arabic

To say Dandelion in Arabic you may use the word طَرَخْشَقون, which is pronounced as [Tarakhshaquun]

Lotus in Arabic

lotus in arabic names of flowers in arabic

To say Lotus in Arabic you can use زَهْرَةُ النَّيْلوفَر [zahratun nayluufar] or اللّوتُس [al-luutus]

Daisy in Arabic

daisy in arabic flowers in arabic

Daisy in Arabic is زَهْرَةُ الرَّبيع [zahratur rabii3].

Lily in Arabic

lily in arabic flowers names in arabic with pictures

To say Lily in Arabic use the word زَهْرَةُ الزَّنْبَق [zahratuz-zanbaq].

Orchid in Arabic

Orchid in arabic

Orchid in Arabic is called زَهْرَةُ الأُوركيد [zahratul uurkiid].

Names of flowers in Arabic List

Below you will find a list of names of flowers in Arabic. The list includes pronunciation of each Arabic word.

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Lotusزَهْرَةُ النَّيْلوفَر
zahratun nayluufar
/ al-luutus
Tulipزَهْرَةُ الخُزامى
zahratul khuzaamaa /
Daisyزَهْرَةُ الرَّبيعzahratur rabii3
Lilyزَهْرَةُ الزَّنْبَقzahratuz-zanbaq
Orchidزَهْرَةُ الأُوركيدzahratul uurkiid
Lindenزَهْرَةُ الزَّيْزَفونzahratuz-zayzafuun
Violetزَهْرَةُ البَنَفْسَجzahratul banafsaj
Camelliaزَهْرَةُ الكاميلياzahratul kaamiilyaa
Carnationزَهْرَةُ القَرَنْفُلzahratul qaranful
Irisزَهْرَةُ السَّوْسَنzahratus-sawsan
Chrysanthemumزَهْرَةُ الاُقْحُوانzahratul uqHuwaan
Chamomileزَهْرَةُ البابونَجzahratul baabuunaj
Sunflowerعَبّادُ الشَّمْس3abbadush-shams
Lavenderخُزامَى khuzaamaa
List of flowers in Arabic

Flowers in Arabic Quiz

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