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Colors in Arabic: learn basic and advanced color names

Color names are one of the basic things we learn when we start learning any language. With this post, you will find the names of the most popular colors in Arabic such as yellow and red.

You will also find out how to say the word color/ colors in Arabic and you will learn more advanced color names such as marron, ivory, burgundy, or beige.

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How to say color in Arabic?

Color – لَوْن – lawn

Colors – ألْوان – alwaan

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Names of the basic colors in Arabic

Knowing the basic names of colors is most important, so learn those first. Below you will find the most common colors and their names in Arabic.


  • the color follows the noun
  • nouns in Arabic can be masculine or feminine, in the table below you will find both
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EnglishArabic masculine – transliterationArabic feminine – transliteration
Whiteأَبْيَض – abyaDبَيضَاء – bayDaa
Blackأَسْوَد – aswadسَوْداء – sawdaa
Greenأَخْضَر – akhDarخَضْرَاْء – khaDraa’
Blueأَزْرَق – azraqزَرْقَاْء – zarqaa’
Yellowأَصْفَر – aSfarصفراء  – Safraa’
Redأَحْمَر – aHmarحَمْرَاء – Hamraa’
Brownبُنِّيّ – bunniبُنِّيّة – bunniyya
Orangeبُرْتُقَاْلِيّ – burtuqaaliبُرْتُقَاْلِيّة – burtuqaaliyya
Pink ّوَرْدي – wardiوَرْدِيّة – wardiyya
Goldّذَهَبِي – dhahabiذَهَبِيّة – dhahabiyya
Silverّفِضِّي – fiDDiفِضِّيّة – fiDDiyye
Grayرَمادي – ramaadiرَمادِيّة – ramadiyya

Other colors in Arabic

To expand your Arabic vocabulary see the table below for additional color names. Learn how to say ivory, maroon, and more in Arabic.

EnglishArabic masculinetransliterationArabic femininetransliteration
Ivory 3aaji – عاجي 3aajiyya – عاجيّة
Maroonكَسْتَنائي – kastanaa’iكَسْتَنائيّة – kastanaa’iyya
Khakiكاكيّ – kaakiكاكِيّة – kaakiyya
Purpleأُرْجُوَاني – urjuwaani
بَنَفْسَجيّ – banafsaji
أُرْجُوَانيّة – urjuwaaniyya
بَنَفْسَجِيّة – banafsajiyya
Turquoiseّفيروزي – firuuziفيروزِيّة – firuuziya
Olive greenّزَيْتِي- zaytiزَيْتِيّة- zaytiyya
Scarletّقِرمِزي – qirmiziقِرمِزِيّة – qirmiziyya
Navy blueّكُحْلي – kuHliكُحْليّة – kuHliyya
Beigeبيج – bayj
Blond, fair-skinned
(referring to people)
أَشْقَر – ashqarشَقْراء – shaqraa’
Brown-skinned أسْمَر – asmarسَمْراء – samraa’
Colorlessعَديم اللون
3adeem al-lawn
عَديمة اللون
3adeema al-lawn
Burgundyّبُرْغونْدي – burghundiبُرْغونْديّة – burghundiyya

To further describe colors you will need additional adjectives. Below you will find the most common adjectives to describe colors in Arabic.

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EnglishArabic Transliteration
Colorful, coloredمُلوّنmulawwan

Colors Worksheet

colors in arabic worksheet

Download in PDF:

Learn with a song

If you have trouble remembering the names of the colors you can listen to children’s songs such as this one.


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Colors in Arabic Quiz

Test how well you know the names of the colors in Arabic.