plato quotes in arabic

5 Powerful Plato Quotes in Arabic

Learn Arabic with popular quotes by Plato- the great Greek philosopher who is considered to be one of the most important philosophers in history. See 5 of his popular quotes translated into Arabic. We have chosen relatively easy quotes so that intermediate learners can read them without any problem.

Under each quote you will find a list of selected keywords that will help you understand the quote without any problems.


How do we call Plato in Arabic?

Plato in Arabic is أفلاطون. You should read it as AflaaToon.

Philosophy – فَلْسَفة

Philosopher – فَيْلَسوف

Philosophers – فَلاسِفة

Quote – اقْتِباس

Quotes – اقْتِباسات

Plato about thinking

plato in arabic quotes

التفكير هو حوار الروح مع نفسها

Thinking is the talking of the soul with itself
  • Thinking – تَفْكير
  • Dialogue, discussion- حِوار
  • Soul – روح

Plato quote about opinion in Arabic

plato quotes in arabic

الرأي هو شيء وسط بين العلم والجهل

Opinion is the medium of knowledge and ignorance
  • Opinion – رأي
  • Knowledge – عِلْم
  • Ignorance – جَهْل

Plato about necessity

plato quotes in arabic

الحاجة أم الاختراع

Necessity is the mother of invention
  • Necessity, need – حاجة
  • Invention – اخْتِراع

Plato quote about courage in Arabic

plato quotes arabic

الشجاعة هي أن تعرف ما لا يجب أن تخاف منه

Courage is knowing what not to fear
  • Courage – شَجاعة
  • To fear – َخاف
  • fear (noun) – خَوْف
  • afraid – خائف
  • scary مُخيف

Plato about work


البداية هي أهم جزء من أجزاء العمل

The beginning is the most important part of the work
  • Beginning – بِداية
  • Part – جُزْء – plural: أجْزاء
  • Partially – جُزْئياً
  • Work – عَمَل


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