Seasons in arabic

Seasons in Arabic. Learn Arabic names of the four seasons

Learn and practice the seasons in Arabic with our lesson for beginners. Today you will learn the Arabic names of the four seasons (plus some extra vocabulary) and you will have the opportunity to practice your acquired knowledge with our quizzes and free downloadable worksheets. Each Arabic word is transliterated to make it easier for you to learn the pronunciation.

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How to say season in Arabic?

The word season in Arabic is فَصْل [faSl] . The plural of فَصْل is فُصول [fuSuul] .

The four seasons – الفُصول الأرْبَعة [al-fuSuulu al-arba3a]

How to say summer in Arabic

In Arabic summer is called الصَّيْف [aS-Sayf]

How to say winter in Arabic

Winter in Arabic is called الشّتاء [ash-shitaa’]

How to say spring in Arabic

The word spring in Arabic is الرَّبيع [ar-rabii3]

How to say autumn in Arabic

In Arabic the word autumn/ fall is الخَريف [al-khariif]

Names of the four seasons in Arabic

seasons in arabic

Winter – الشّتاء [ash-shitaa’]

Spring – الرَّبيع [ar-rabii3]

Summer- الصَّيْف [aS-Sayf]

Autumn – الخَريف [al-khariif]

summery, summer (adj.) – صَيْفي [Sayfi]

summer residence, summer resort – مَصيف [maSiif]

summer vacationer – مُصَيّف [muSayyif]

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autumnal – خَريفي [khariifi]

wintery, winter (adj.) – شَتَوي [shatawi]

spring (adj.) – رَبيعي [rabii3i]

Names of the seasons in Arabic Quiz

The best way to memorize Arabic vocabulary is to start using it immediately. For this purpose we create Arabic vocabulary quizzes to make your learning process easier and more enjoyable. You can find all our quizzes here: Arabic Vocabulary Quizzes.

Seasons in Arabic Quiz

Arabic Vocabulary Quiz- practice names of the four seasons in Arabic

Let’s get started!

Seasons in Arabic worksheet

Practice Arabic with our free Arabic learning worksheets. Download and print the worksheet.

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