Confucius quotes in Arabic

Learn new Arabic vocabulary with Confucius quotes in Arabic.

Confucius (in Arabic كونفوشيوس) was a famous Chinese philosopher and politician whose words are still quoted today. In this post you will find 6 iconic Confucius quotes translated into Arabic. Under each quote you will find a list of the most important vocabulary.

Learning vocabulary can become monotonous after a while, so it’s a good idea to vary your learning methods to keep you motivated. Reading quotes can be a fantastic tool for this – not only will you learn new Arabic vocabulary, you’ll also learn popular wisdom.

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Confucius quotes in Arabic

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التعلم بلا تفكير مضيعةٌ للوقت. أما التفكير بلا علم, شيء خطير

To study and not think is a waste of time. To think and not study is dangerous


learning, studying, education – تَعَلُّم [ta3allum]

thinking – تَفْكير [tafkiir]

loss, waste – مضيعة [muDii3a]

knowledge, learning, science – [3ilm] عِلْم

dangerous – خَطير [khaTiir]


الحذرون يخطئون نادراً

The cautious seldom err.


to make mistake – أخْطأ [akhTa’]

cautious, wary – حَذِر [Hadhir]

rarely, seldom – نادِرا [naadiran]

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لا يهم أنك تمشي ببطء، ولكن المهم هو ألا تتوقف

It does not matter how slowly you go, as long as you don’t stop.


to matter – هَمَّ [hamma]

to go on foot, walk, to move along – مَشى [masha/mashi]

important – مُهِمّ [muhimm]

to stop – وَقَفَ [waqafa]

quotes in arabic about silence

الصمت هو الصديق الوحيد الذي لن يخونك أبداً.

Silence is the only friend who never will never betray you.


silence – صَمْت [Samt]

to betray – خانَ [khaana]

never – أبداً [abadan]

quotes in arabic about respect

احترم نفسك وسيحترمك الآخرين

Respect yourself and others will respect you


to respect, honor – اِحْتَرَمَ [iHtarama]

respect – اِحْتِرام [iHtiraam]

أينما تذهب ، اذهب مع كل قلبك

Wherever you go, go with all your heart


to go – ذَهَبَ [dhahaba]

heart – قَلْب [qalb]


Translating quotes is a good way to take a break from studying and enjoy the language you are learning. Try translating sentences yourself first and try to understand individual words from context.

If you have no idea what a word means, look it up in a dictionary. At the end check the English translation and see if you understood the sentence correctly. It’s a great exercise to practice reading in Arabic.

We hope you enjoyed our post with quotes in Arabic and that you learned something new today.

Reading quotes in Arabic is a part of language immersion. if you are interested in other ways to immerse yourself in Arabic check our detailed post about Arabic immersion ideas and free resources.