directions in arabic

Directions in Arabic and English

Learn geographic directions in Arabic. From today’s post you will learn such basics as north, south, east, west in Arabic and learn many other important words related to the topic.

At the end you will find a quiz to help you remember the vocabulary.

Today you will learn:

How do you say direction in Arabic?

The word direction in Arabic is اتِّجاه [ittijaah]

Plural: Directions اتّجاهات [ittijaahaat]

North south east west in Arabic

Directions in arabic
Directions in Arabic

North – شَمال [shamaal]

South – جَنوب [januub]

East – شَرْق [sharq]

West – غَرْب [gharb]

The ordinal directions in Arabic

Northwest – شَمال غَرْبي – [shamaal gharbi]

Southwest – جَنوب غَرْبي – [januub gharbi]

Northeast – شَمال شَرْقي – [shamaal sharqi]

Southeast – جَنوب شَرْقي – [januub sharqi]

The word compass in Arabic

The word compass in Arabic is بوصَلة [buuSala]

pl: بوصَلات [buuSalaat]

*Compass point – اتّجاه البوصلة


northern, northerly – شَمالِيّ [shamaali]

west, western, westerly – غَرْبِيّ [gharbi]

eastern, east, easterly – شَرْقِيّ [sharqi]

southern, south – جَنُوبِيّ [januubi]

8 shortest points in the compass in Arabic

West-northwest (WNW) – غرب الشمال الغربي

North-northwest (NNW) – شمال الشمال الغربي

North-northeast (NNE) – شمال الشمال الشرقي

East-northeast (ENE) – شرق الشمال الشرقي

East-southeast (ESE) – شرق الجنوب الشرقي

South-southeast (SSE) – جنوب الجنوب الشرقي

South-southwest (SSW) – جنوب الجنوب الغربي

West-southwest (WSW) – غرب الجنوب الغربي

West of… How to say it in Arabic?

The west of Jordan – غَرْب الأردن

The north of Lebanon – شَمال لبنان

The east of Oman – شَرْق عُمان

The south of Egypt – جَنوب مصر

To say in the south/west/east/north you use في [fi]

So, in the south of Egypt would be – في جَنوب مصر


Middle East – الشرق الأوسط – [ash-sharq al-awsaT]

North Carolina – كارولاينا الشمالية – [kaaroolaayna ash-shamaaliyya]

South Korea – كوريا الجنوبية – [kuuryiaa al-januubiyya]

West Virginia – فيرجينيا الغربية – [fiirjiiniya al-gharbiyya]

North Pole – القُطْب الشّماليّ [al-quTb ash-shamaali]

Directions in Arabic Quiz

Directions in Arabic Quiz

Practice directions in Arabic with our Quiz!

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