Names of plants in Arabic

Names of plants in Arabic and English

Learn names of plants in Arabic with our detailed list. Today you are going to learn how to say leaf, grass, tree and many more in Arabic.

You will also get to know some Arabic names of common trees such as pine tree, spruce, maple tree and more.

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How to say plant in Arabic?

The Arabic word for plant is نَبْتَة [nabta]. This word has also a collective noun نَبات [nabaat].

Plural for plants in نَباتات [nabaataat]

Related vocabulary:

Botany عِلْمُ النَّبات [a 3ilmun nabaat]

Botanist (also vegetarian) نَباتي [nabaatiy] (noun)

Botanical, vegetal نَباتي [nabaatiy] (adjective)

Tree شَجَرَة [shajara], coll. n. شَجَر [shajar]

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Names of plants in Arabic -list

Names of plants in Arabic and english
Acornشَجَرَةُ البَلّوطshajaratul balluuT
Aspenشَجَرَةُ الحَوَرshajaratul Hawar
Beechشَجَرَةُ الزّانshajaratuz zaan
Cedarشَجَرَةُ الأَرْزshajaratul arz
Cypress treeشَجَرَةُ السَّرْوshajaratus sarw
Forest غابَةghaaba
Fruit treeشَجَرَةُ الفاكِهَةshajaratul faakiha
Grass/ herbعُشْب3ushb
Gum treeشَجَرَةُ الصَّمْغshajaratuS Samgh
Hazelnut treeشَجَرَةُ البُنْدُقshajaratul bunduq
Maple treeشَجَرةُ الإسْفِنْدانshajaratul isfindaan
Olive treeشَجَرَةُ الزَّيْتونshajaratuz zaytuun
Palm treeشَجَرَةُ النَّخْلshajaratun nakhl
Pine treeشَجَرَةُ الصَّنَوْبِرshajaratuS Sanawbir
Spruceشَجَرَةُ التَّنّوبshajaratul tannuub
Walnut treeشَجَرَةُ الجَوْزshajaratul jawz
Willowشَجَرَةُ الصَّفْصافshajaratuS SafSaaf

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Names of plants in Arabic quiz

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Names of plants in Arabic Quiz

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