Names of the planets in Arabic

Planets in Arabic – Astronomy Vocabulary in Arabic

Learn planets in Arabic and other Arabic vocabulary related to astronomy.

Today you will learn how to say the names of the planets and learn the most important vocabulary of astronomy such as: star, space, gravity, galaxy and many more.

At the end you will be able to test your knowledge with our Quiz Planets in Arabic.

The word planet in Arabic

The word planet in Arabic is كَوْكَب [kawkab] , plural: كَواكِب [kawaakib]

planetary system – نِظام كَوْكَبيّ [niDHaam kawkabi]

Planets in Arabic and English

Planets in arabic

Mercury – عُطارِد .[3uTaarid]

Venus – الزُّهْرة [az-zuhra]

Earth – الأَرْض [al-arD]feminine noun!

Mars – المِرّيخ [al-mirriikh]

Jupiter – المُشْتَري [al-mushtarii]

Saturn – زُحَل [zuHal]

Uranus – أُرانوس [Uraanuus]

Neptune – نِبْتون [nibtuun]

Astronomy Vocabulary in Arabic

EnglishArabic transliteration
Astronomy / astrologyعِلْم الفَلَك[3ilmu al-falak]
Sky سَماء [samaa’]
Sun الشَّمْس feminine noun! [ash-shams]
Moon قَمَر[qamar]
Star نَجْم / نَجْمة
pl: نُجوم
[najm/ najma]
Space فَضاء [faDaa’]
Orbit مَدار
pl: مَدارات
Galaxy مَجَرّة
pl: مَجَرَّات
Gravity جاذِبِيَّة [jaadhibiyya]
Solar eclipseكُسوفُ الشَّمْس[kusuuf ash-shams]
Lunar eclipseخُسوف الشَّمْس[khusuuf al-qamar]
Pluto بلوتو [bluutoo]
Comet مَذَنَّب
pl: مُذَنَّبات
Globe الكُرَةُ الأَرْضِيَّة[al-kuratul arDiyya]
Twilight شَفَق [shafaq]
Solar system المَجْموعةُ الشَّمْسِيَّة
النِّظام الشَّمْسي
[al-majmuu3atu ash-shamsiyya]
[an-niDHaam ash-shamsi]

Planets in Arabic Quiz

At the end of today’s lesson we have an Arabic Vocabulary Quiz for you. Test yourself and check how much you have learned today. Quizzes are a great way to memorize new vocabulary.

Planets in Arabic Quiz

Check if you know the names of the planets in Arabic!

Let’s get started!

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