Arabic sun and moon letters

Arabic sun and moon letters

There are 28 letters in Arabic. Letters of the Arabic alphabet are divided into two group: sun and moon letters. Both groups consist equally of 14 letters.

Today you are going to learn Arabic sun and moon letters rule with examples and quiz.

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What are the Arabic sun and moon letters?

Even if you have just started learning the language, you have probably noticed yourself that when a word occurs with a definitive article ال [al] sometimes the L in Al is omitted when pronouncing the word. This is due to the division of Arabic letters into sun and moon letters.

The rule is simple: when the Arabic definite article ال is followed by a sun letter, the letter L is assimilated to the initial consonant of the word, which results in a doubled consonant. So the sun in Arabic الشمس is pronounced ash-shams, not al-shams.

The name of this rule refers to the fact that الشمس (the sun) begins with the sun letter ش [sheen] so it is pronunced ash-shams, and the word القمر begins with the moon letter ق [qaaf], so it is pronunced al-qamar. The name helps to remember the meaning behind this rule.

Arabic sun and moon letters

It is worth adding, that you do not have to memorize which letters belong to which group. The letters have been divided this way according to the points of articulation for the Arabic letters, to make it easier to pronounce. So it will come naturally after a while of studying Arabic.

Important! Although the pronunciation is different for sun and moon letters, the writing stays the same.

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Sun letters in Arabic


Moon letters in Arabic


Arabic sun and moon letters examples

Below you will find the examples of pronunciation of different Arabic words with the definite article. The best way to remember how to pronounce sun and moon letters is to practice reading in Arabic.

Sun letters in Arabic examples:

نَهْر [nahr] river -> النهر an-nahr – the river
رَسْم [rasm] painting -> الرسم ar-rasm – the painting
شارِع [shaari3] street -> الشارع ash-shaari3 – the street
طَريق [Tariiq] road -> الطريق aT-Tariiq – the road
سوق [suuq] market -> السوق as-suuq – the market
صالون [Saaloon] salon -> الصالون aS-Saaloon – the salon

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Moon letters in Arabic examples

جَبَل [jabal] mountain -> الجبل al-jabal – the mountain
مَدينَة [madiina] city -> المدينة al-madiina – the city
بَحْر [baHr] sea -> البحر al-baHr – the sea
حَدِيقَة [Hadiiqa] park/garden -> الحديقة al-Hadiiqa – the garden/park
قِطار [qiTaar] train -> القطار al-qiTaar – the train
غَوْص [ghawS] diving -> الغوص al-ghaws – the diving
خاتَم [khaatam] ring -> الخاتم al-khaatam – the ring
فُسْتان [fustaan] dress -> الفستان al-fustan – the dress

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Arabic sun and moon letters quiz

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Arabic sun and moon letters Quiz

Check if you know how to pronounce Arabic nouns with definite article correctly. 

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