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Verb To Want in Levantine Arabic

Learn the conjugation of the verb to want in Levantine Arabic.

This post includes full conjugation of the verb for the present and past tense. At the end of this post take a quick conjugation quiz to check what you’ve learned.

Note that this verb is a pseudo (semi) verb so its conjugation is not the same as for regular verbs.

The verb to have and to want are probably the most basic and important two verbs that you should know if you want to start speaking Levantine Arabic. We advise to memorize the conjugation of this verbs very well as you would need them in almost every conversation.

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Present Tense

Remember that you don’t need to add the pronoun each time as it is obvious from the look of the verb. We added the pronoun here to make it easier for beginners to learn.

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I wantأنا بِدّيana biddi
You (m.) wantاِنْتَ بِدَّكinta biddak
You (f.) wantاِنْتِ بِدِّكinti biddik
He wantsهُوّ بِدُّهhuwweh biddo
She wantsهِيّ بِدّهاhiyyeh biddhaa
We wantاِحْنا بِدّناiHna biddnaa
You (pl.) wantاِنْتوا بِدّكُمintoo biddkom
They wantهُمّ بِدّهُمhummeh biddhom

To Want in Levantine Arabic – Past Tense

The verb to want stays the same like in the present tense but you need to add كان [kaan] before the verb.

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I wantedأنا كان بِدّيana kaan biddi
You (m.) wantedاِنْتَ كان بِدَّكinta kaan biddak
You (f.) wantedاِنْتِ كان بِدِّكinti kaan biddik
He wantedهُوّ كان بِدُّهhuwweh kaan biddo
She wantedهِيّ كان بِدّهاhiyyeh kaan biddhaa
We wantedاِحْنا كان بِدّناiHna kaan biddnaa
You (pl.) wantedاِنْتوا كان بِدّكُمintoo kaan biddkom
They wantedهُمّ كان بِدّهُمhummeh kaan biddhom


To negate the verb to want you need to add ما [maa] before the verb.

I don’t wantأنا ما بِدّيana maa biddi
You (m.) don’t wantاِنْتَ ما بِدَّكinta maa biddak
You (f.) don’t wantاِنْتِ ما بِدِّكinti maa biddik
He doesn’t wantهُوّ ما بِدُّهhuwweh maa biddo
She doesn’t wantهِيّ ما بِدّهاhiyyeh maa biddhaa
We don’t wantاِحْنا ما بِدّناiHna maa biddnaa
You (pl.) don’t wantاِنْتوا ما بِدّكُمintoo maa biddkom
They don’t wantهُمّ ما بِدّهُمhummeh maa biddhom

To want in Levantine Arabic – Conjugation Quiz

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To want

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