to ask in levantine arabic

Verb To ask in Levantine Arabic – سأل

Learn the verb to ask in Levantine Arabic.

This post includes full conjugation of the verb to ask for the present, past and future tense. At the end of this post take a quick conjugation quiz to check what you’ve learned.

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Present Tense

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I askبَسْأَلbas’al
You (m.) askبْتِسْأَلbtis’al
You (f.) askبْتِسْأَلِيbtis’ali
He asksبِسْأَلbis’al
She asksبْتِسْأَلbtis’al
We askمْنِسْألmnis’al
You (pl.) askبْتِسْأَلواbtis’aloo
They askبِسْألواbis’aloo

Past Tense

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I askedسَأَلْتsa’alt
You (m.) askedسَأَلْتsa’alt
You (f.) askedسَأَلْتِsa’alti
He askedسَأَلsa’al
She askedسَأَلَتsa’alat
We askedسَأَلْناsa’alnaa
You (pl.) askedسَأَلْتواsa’altoo
They askedسَأَلواsa’aloo

To ask in Levantine Arabic – Future Tense

To conjugate verb to ask in future tense you must add رَح [raH] before the verb and then add the verb without b-prefix [ب].

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I will askرَح أَسْألraH as’al
You (m.) will askرَح تِسْأَلraH tis’al
You (f.) will askرَح تِسْأَليraH tis’ali
He will askرَح يِسْأَلraH yis’al
She will askرَح تِسْأَلraH tis’al
We will askرَح نِسْأَلraH nis’al
You (pl.) will askرَح تِسْأَلواraH tis’aloo
They will askرَح يِسْأَلواraH yis’aloo


To negate the verb to ask you need to add ما [maa] before the verb.

I don’t askما بَسْأَلmaa bas’al
You (m.) don’t askما بْتِسْأَلmaa btis’al
You (f.) don’t askما بْتِسْأَلِيmaa btis’ali
He doesn’t askما بِسْأَلmaa bis’al
She doesn’t askما بْتِسْأَلmaa btis’al
We don’t askما مْنِسْأَلmaa mnis’al
You (pl.) don’t askما بْتِسْأَلواmaa btis’aloo
They don’t askما بِسْأَلواmaa bis’aloo

To ask in Levantine Arabic Quiz

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To ask سأل

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