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20 Easy Arabic Words That Everyone Can Pronounce

Although Arabic is considered one of the hardest languages to learn, some words are so easy that actually everyone can learn and say them correctly.

Today you will learn 20 easy Arabic words that we hope will encourage you to explore this beautiful language. You can also use our list of easy words to impress your native speakers friends.

There are several letters in the Arabic alphabet that are difficult to pronounce for non-native speakers. These letters are: Qaf, 3ayn, Ghayn, Saad, and of course the famous letter Daad. Good news is that not all Arabic words contain these letters. You can find many words that only consist of letters that are easy to pronounce, so pronouncing them should not cause any problems for you.

If you’re just starting to learn the language and pronunciation is overwhelming for you, learn these 20 basic, easy-to-pronounce Arabic words. All the words on the following list are very useful for beginners and you will be able to use them in a natural, everyday conversation.

At the end of this lesson, you will be able to take a quiz with the words you learned today. You do not need to know the Arabic alphabet – the Arabic words in this quiz will be written in transliteration.

Easy Arabic words – Sorry

If you want to say sorry in Arabic you may use the word Aasif [ آسف ] if you are a male, and Aasifah [ آسفه ] if you are a female.


My name is…

Another example of an easy Arabic word for complete beginners can be phrase My name is…, which in Arabic is, for both male and female, Ismi (+ your name) [ اسمي ].

For example: My name is Mike in Arabic would be: Ismii Mike.


Easy Arabic Words – Welcome

Saying welcome in Arabic is also very simple, you may just use the word Ahlan [ أهلا ].



This is a good example of another easy Arabic word, because Congratulations in Arabic is Mabrook [ مبروك ].


Easy Arabic Words – Thank you

Even if you don’t speak Arabic you can surprise native speakers by learning the phrase Thank you. In Arabic Thank you is Shukran [ شكرا ].



Most of the people would understand English OK, but if you want to say it in Arabic you can use the word Tamaam [ تمام ].

Easy Arabic Words – Country

The Arabic word for country is balad [ بلد ]. This is a simple word that everyone can easily pronounce even if you don’t know the Arabic pronunciation very well.


You can learn other Arabic vocabular related to country and city by checking our post Places in Arabic.


Another common Arabic word that you can learn right away is Madeenah [ مدينة ]. It doesn’t include any hard to pronounce letters.



Girl is a very useful and basic word that every beginner needs while learning a new language. In Arabic girl is bint [ بنت ].



If you learned the world Bint you should probably learn the world for boy as well. Boy in Arabic is Walad [ ولد ].

Easy Arabic Words – Color

Color in Arabic is Lawn [ لون ] and plural for color is Alwaan [ ألوان ]. To learn important colors vocabulary in Arabic check Colors.



This word can also be useful for beginners- Dog in Arabic is Kalb [ كلب ]. To find other easy animals names read Animals in Arabic.



Important Arabic adjective that can be useful on a daily basis is adjective big . In Arabic big is Kabeer [ كبير ].


To improve your basic Arabic Vocabulary check Basic Arabic Adjectives for Beginners


Probably the easiest Arabic word for beginners is No, because No in Arabic is just Laa [ لا ].


Easy Arabic Words – Book

Kitaab [ كتاب ] in Arabic means book.



Arabic word for but is Lakin [ لكن ].


Arabic word for house is Bayt [ بيت ].


If you want to learn more Arabic vocabulary related to house and house items check House in Arabic.

I/ me

Pronouns are important part of the language and you should learn them at the very beginning. The pronoun I is very easy to pronounce in Arabic – Ana [ أنا ]- this is the only word you need to say ‘I” in Arabic.


The pronoun You is also simple, but here you need more than one word:

You (male) – Anta

You (female) – Anti

To learn how to say You for plural read: How to say You in Arabic

Easy Arabic Words – Black

You’ve already learned how to say color in Arabic and one of the most common colors is black. Fortunately the word black in Arabic is very easy to say. Black in Arabic is Aswad [ أسود ].



One of the first words students of Arabic learn is the word door, which in Arabic is Baab [ باب ].


Easy Arabic Words Quiz (no Arabic letters)

Quizzes are a great tool to practice your vocabulary. All the Arabic vocabulary lists on our website contain quizzes at the end of each lesson, to help you remember newly learned words. To check more Arabic Quizzes go to -> Selfarabic – Arabic Vocabulary Quizzes

Easy Arabic Words

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