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Verb To Do in Levantine Arabic عمل / سوّى

Learn the verb to do in Levantine Arabic.

There are two common verbs to say to do/make in this dialect – عِمِل and سَوَّى . You should learn both as they are used equally often.

This post includes full conjugation of the verb to do for the present, past and future tense. We want to make the pronunciation easier for you so on our website we add both – vowels and transliteration. At the end of this post take a quick conjugation quiz to check what you’ve learned.

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Verb to do in Levantine Arabic – عِمِل

Present Tense

I doبَعْمِلba3mil
You (m.) doبْتِعْمِلbti3mil
You (f.) doبْتِعْمِليbti3milii
He doesبِعْمِلbi3mil
She doesبْتِعْمِلbti3mil
We doمْنِعْمِلmni3mil
You (pl.) do بْتِعْمِلواbti3miloo
They doبِعْمِلواbi3miloo

Past Tense

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I didعِمِلْت3imilt
You (m.) didعِمِلْت3imilt
You (f.) didعِمِلْتِ3imilti
He didعِمِل3imil
She didعِمْلَت3imlat
We didعِمِلْنا3imilnaa
You (pl.) didعِمِلْتوا3imiltoo
They didعِمْلوا3imloo

Future Tense

I will doرَح أَعْمِلraH a3mil
You (m.) will doرَح تِعْمِلraH ti3mil
You (f.) will doرَح تِعْمِليraH ti3milii
He will doرَح يِعْمِلraH yi3mil
She will doرَح تِعْمِلraH ti3mil
We will doرَح نِعْمِلraH ni3mil
You (pl.) will doرَح تِعْمِلواraH ti3miloo
They will doرَح يِعْمِلواraH yi3miloo


To negate the verb عمل in Levantine Arabic you need to add ما before the verb.

Example: ما عِمِل – He didn’t do , ما بَعْمِل – I don’t do , ما رَح نِعْمِل – We will not do


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Do! (you m.)إعْمِلi3mil
Do! (you f.)إعْمِليi3milii
Do! (plural)إعْمِلواi3mloo

Verb to do/make in Levantine Arabic – سَوَّى

Present Tense

I doبَسَوِّيbasawwi
You (m.) doبِتْسَوِّيbitsawwi
You (f.) doبِتْسَوِّيbitsawwi
He doesبِسَوِّيbisawwi
She doesبِتْسَوِّيbitsawwi
We doمِنْسَوِّيminsawwi
You (pl.) do بِتْسَوّواbitsawwoo
They doبِسَوّواbisawwoo

Past Tense

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I didسَوَّيْتsawwayt
You (m.) didسَوَّيْتsawwayt
You (f.) didسَوَّيْتِsawwaiti
He didسَوَّىsawwaa
She didسَوَّتsawwat
We didسَوَّيْناsawwaynaa
You (pl.) didسَوَّيْتواsawwaytoo
They didسَوّواsawwoo

To do in Levantine Arabic – Future Tense

I will doرَح أَسَوِّيraH asawwi
You (m.) will doرَح تْسَوِّيraH tsawwi
You (f.) will doرَح تْسَوِّيraH tsawwi
He will doرَح يِسَوِّيraH yisawwi
She will doرَح تْسَوِّيraH tsawwi
We will doرَح نْسَوِّيraH nsawwi
You (pl.) will doرَح تْسَوّواraH tsawwoo
They will doرَح يِسَوّواraH yisawwoo


To negate the verb سوى in Levantine Arabic you need to add ما before the verb.

Example: ما سَوّى – He didn’t do , ما بَسَوِّي – I don’t do , ما رَح نْسَوِّي – We will not do


Do! (you m.)سَوِّيsawwi
Do! (you f.)سَوِّيsawwi
Do! (plural)سَوّواsawwoo

To do in Levantine Arabic – Quiz

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Verb To Do

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