To have in Levantine arabic

Verb To Have in Levantine Arabic

Learn the conjugation of the verb to have in Levantine Arabic.

This post includes full conjugation of the verb for the present, past and future tense. At the end of this post take a quick conjugation quiz to check what you’ve learned.

Note that this verb is a pseudo (semi) verb so its conjugation is not the same as for regular verbs.

The verb to have and to want are probably the most basic and important two verbs that you should know if you want to start speaking Levantine Arabic. We advise to memorize the conjugation of this verbs very well as you would need them in almost every conversation.

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How to say I have in Levantine Arabic

To say I have in Levantine Arabic you need to use the Present Tense of the pseudo verb to have, so:

عِنْدي [i3indi ]

Present Tense

Remember that you don’t need to add the pronoun each time as it is obvious from the look of the verb. We added the pronoun here to make it easier for beginners to learn.

I haveأنا عِنْديana 3indi
You (m.) haveاِنْتَ عِنْدَكinta 3indak
You (f.) haveاِنْتِ عِنْدِكinti 3indik
He hasهُوّ عِنْدُهhuwweh 3indo
She hasهِيّ عِنْدْهاhiyyeh 3indhaa
We haveاِحْنا عِنّاiHna 3innaa
You (pl.) haveاِنْتوا عِنْدْكُمintoo 3indkom
They haveهُمّ عِنْدْهُمhummeh 3indhom

Past Tense

The verb to have stays the same like in the present tense but you need to add كان [kaan] before the verb.

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I hadأنا كان عِنْديana kaan 3indi
You (m.) hadاِنْتَ كان عِنْدَكinta kaan 3indak
You (f.) hadاِنْتِ كان عِنْدِكinti kaan 3indik
He hadهُوّ كان عِنْدُهhuwweh kaan 3indo
She hadهِيّ كان عِنْدْهاhiyyeh kaan 3indhaa
We hadاِحْنا كان عِنّاiHna kaan 3innaa
You (pl.) hadاِنْتوا كان عِنْدْكُمintoo kaan 3indkom
They hadهُمّ كان عِنْدْهُمhummeh kaan 3indhom

To Have in Levantine Arabic – Future Tense

Again, the verb itself stays the same but you need to add رح يكون [raH ikoon] before it.

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I will haveأنا رَح يكون عِنْديana raH ikoon 3indi
You (m.) will haveاِنْتَ رَح يكون عِنْدَكinta raH ikoon 3indak
You (f.) will haveاِنْتِ رَح يكون عِنْدِكinti raH ikoon 3indik
He will haveهُوّ رَح يكون عِنْدُهhuwweh raH ikoon 3indo
She will haveهِيّ رَح يكون عِنْدْهاhiyyeh raH ikoon 3indhaa
We will haveاِحْنا رَح يكون عِنّاiHna raH ikoon 3innaa
You (pl.) will haveاِنْتوا رَح يكون عِنْدْكُمintoo raH ikoon 3indkom
They will haveهُمّ رَح يكون عِنْدْهُمhummeh raH ikoon 3indhom


To negate the verb to have you need to add ما [maa] before the verb.

I don’t haveأنا ما عِنْديana maa 3indi
You (m.) don’t haveاِنْتَ ما عِنْدَكinta maa 3indak
You (f.) don’t haveاِنْتِ ما عِنْدِكinti maa 3indik
He doesn’t haveهُوّ ما عِنْدُهhuwweh maa 3indo
She doesn’t haveهِيّ ما عِنْدْهاhiyyeh maa 3indhaa
We don’t haveاِحْنا ما عِنّاiHna maa 3innaa
You (pl.) don’t haveاِنْتوا ما عِنْدْكُمintoo maa 3indkom
They don’t haveهُمّ ما عِنْدْهُمhummeh maa 3indhom


عِنْدي بِسِّة جْديدِة
[3indi bisseh jdeedeh]
I have a new cat
عِنْدُه سَيّارَة؟
[3indo sayyaara?]
Does he have a car?
ما كان عِنْدي فْلوس أشْتْريه
[maa kaan 3indi fluus ashtriih]
I didn’t have money to buy it
مَتى رَح يكون عِنْدَك وَقِت تْشوفْني؟
[mataa rah ikoon 3indak waqit tshuufni?]
When will you have time to see me?
ما عِنْدي فِكْرَة
[maa eindi fikrah]
I have no idea
عِنْدُه بيت مَع صالون كْبير
[3indo beit ma3 Saaloon kbeer]
He has a house with a big salon
عِنْدَك رُخْصِة سْواقِة؟
[3indak rukhSet swaaqa?]
Do you have driving license?
عِنْدي اِجْتِماع بَعْد ساعَة
[3indi ijtimaa3 ba3d saa3a]
I have a meeting after one hour
عِنْدْهُم شُغُل كْتير
[3indhom shughul kteer]
They have a lot of work

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To Have

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