1500 Most Common Levantine Arabic Words PDF

1500 Most Common Levantine Arabic Words PDF


List of 1500 most common words in Levantine Arabic: plural of nouns and transliteration. Suitable for beginner and intermediate level.


Our list of 1500 words in Levantine Arabic is designed to help you learn the most commonly used words for everyday communication in this dialect.

You’ll discover essential nouns with their plural forms, and useful adjectives and verbs to effectively communicate at both beginner and intermediate levels.

The vocabulary in this eBook is organized alphabetically, making it simple and straightforward to find and learn new words, much like searching through a dictionary.

Whether you’re just starting learning Levantine Arabic or have some prior experience, our eBook is a valuable tool. It offers a strong foundation and the means to expand your knowledge.

This PDF includes:

– An alphabetical list of Levantine Arabic vocabulary sorted by English words

– Arabic script

– Transliteration

– Vowel marks

The 1500 Most Common Levantine Arabic Words PDF is print-ready, ensuring accessibility and convenience for your language learning needs.


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1500 most common levantine arabic words1500 Most Common Levantine Arabic Words PDF