how to say cute in Arabic

Cute in Arabic. How to say you’re cute in Arabic?

Wondering how to say cute in Arabic? Today you are going to learn how this word sounds in Arabic in several versions: in Modern Standard Arabic, Levantine, Egyptian.

First, we need to look at what the actual meaning of the word cute in English is. According to

– attractive, especially in a dainty way; pleasingly pretty

– appealing and delightful; charming

– affectedly or mincingly pretty or clever; precious

– mentally keen; clever; shrewd
cute in arabic

Below, you will see what Arabic words can be substituted for the English word cute.

The word cute in Modern Standard Arabic

There are a few words in Arabic that correspond to the word cute:

جَذّاب (jadhdhaab)

attractive, magnetic, suction, suctorial; winning, fetching, engaging; charming, enticing, captivating, gripping

جَذّاب , Dictionary of Modern Written Arabic, p.138
the word for cute in arabic

ظريف (DHareef)

elegant, graceful, charming, full of esprit, witty; wig, wat, witty fellow

ظريف, of Modern Written Arabic, p. 679
the word for cute in arabic

لَطيف (laTeef)

pleasant, agreeable; amiable, friendly, kind, nice; civil, courteous, polite; affable, genial; pretty, charming, lovely, graceful; intellectually refined, full of esprit, brilliant, witty, elegant

لَطيف, Dictionary of Modern Written Arabic, p. 18

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How to say cute in Levantine Arabic?

To say cute in Arabic you can use several words.

مَهْضوم (mahDoom)

Although the word مهضوم in MSA means digested; digestible in Levantine Arabic is used as cute. The word mahDoom is often used to describe babies (but not only).

حِلو (Hilou)

Used especially considering the attractiveness of a person. The word itself in MSA means sweet, but it is used in Levantine Arabic as beautiful, pretty.

لَطيف (laTeef)

The meaning is the same as in MSA, so you will use it if you want to say about someone that they are nice (speaking more about personality than physical appearance).

لَذيذ (lazeez*)

The meaning of the word in MSA is delicious, tasty but in Levantine Arabic it is used as cute.

*Native speakers often pronounce ذ as ز.

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How to say cute in Egyptian Arabic?

In Egyptian Arabic you can use the word حِلو ,لَطيف, لذيذ same way as in Levantine Arabic. You can also use MSA word ظَريف pronounced zareef (with ز not ظ).

The word cute in Spoken Arabic often used in social media

One very common substitute for the word cute in Arabic, especially on the Internet (but used also in spoken Arabic) is simply the phonetic transcription of the English word cute – [ كْيوت ]. This word is very often used by young people on social media, so it’s good to know about it.

How to say you’re cute

To say you’re cute in Arabic you have to add the pronoun you before any of the words mentioned above. If you want to know more about you in Arabic check out our post How to say you in Arabic.

you: أنتَ (anta for male) or أنتِ (anti for female)

For example: أنتَ ظَريف – anta DHareef – you’re cute (male)

أنتِ لَطيفة – anti laTeefa – you’re cute/nice (female)

Other words in Arabic with similar meaning

Popular words with similar meaning describing people:

  1. Beautiful جَميل (jameel)

2. Handsome وَسيم (waseem)

3. Intelligent, clever ذَكي (dhaki) (Levantine/Egyptian: شاطِر {shaaTir } )

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As you can see the word cute has many meanings and we should choose the word that best reflects what we want to convey.

Of course between dialects words are mixed together and often diminutives of other words are used. The above list of words are those most used and most conveying the character of the word cute in English.