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All Phrases You Need To Introduce Yourself in Levantine Arabic

Learn how to introduce yourself in Levantine Arabic with our list of vocabulary, phrases and expressions useful while talking about yourself.

Today you will learn how to talk about your name, nationality, age, and job in Levantine Arabic. You will also learn a few common greetings for beginners.

Greetings in Levantine Arabic

There is more than one way to say hi in Levantine Arabic, but the most common one is marHaba.

If you want to be more official use as-salamu 3alaykom.

Peace be upon youالسلام عليكمas-salamu 3alaykom
Good morningصَباح الخَيْرSabaaH al-khayr

After a greeting you will need to ask the question “how are you”. In Levantine Arabic the most common one is Keef Haalak, but you can also say:

How are you? (m.)
How are you (f.)
كيف حَالَك؟
كيف حَالِك؟
keef Haalak?
keef Haalik?
How are you? (m.)
How are you? (f.)
What’s the news?شو الأَخْبار؟shoul akhbaar?

Introduce yourself in Levantine Arabic

Below you can find basic questions and answer useful while introducing yourself.

What’s your name? (m.)
What’s your name? (f.)
شو اِسْمَك؟
شو اِسْمِك؟
shou ismak
shou ismik
My name is…اِسْميismi
How old are you? (m.)
How old are you? (f.)
كَم عُمْرَك؟
كَم عُمْرِك؟
kam 3omrak
kam 3omrik
I am … years oldعُمْري … سَنِة

*numbers from 3 to 10 it’s سنين (sneen) not سَنِة
3omrii … saneh
Where are you from? (m.)
Where are you from? (f.)
مِن وين انْتَ؟
مِن وين انْتي؟
min wein inta?
min wein inti?
What is your nationality?شو جِنْسيتَك؟shou jinsiitak?
I am from…أَنا مِنana min
Where do you live? (m.)
Where do you live? (f.)
وين ساكِن؟
وين ساكْنِة؟
wein saakin?
wein saakneh?
I live in…ساكِن في
ساكْنِة في
saakin fii…
saakneh fii…
What did you study? (m.)
What did you study? (f.)
شو دَرَسْت؟
شو دَرَسْتِ؟
shou darast?
shou darasti?
I studied…دَرَسْتdarast…

Talking about your job in Levantine Arabic

Learn how to ask and answer a question about job in Levantine Arabic:

job in levantine arabic

EnglishArabic (m.)Arabic (f.)
What is your job?شو شُغْلَك؟
shou shuglak
شو شُغْلِك؟
shou shughlik
I am a teacherأَنا مُدَرِّس
ana mudarris
أَنا مُدَرِّسَة
ana mudarrisa
I am an engineerأَنا مُهَنْدِس
ana muhandis
أَنا مُهَنْدِسَة
ana muhandisa
I am an accountantأَنا مُحَاسِب
ana muHaasib
أَنا مُحَاسِبَة
ana muHaasiba
I am a doctorأَنا طَبيب
ana Tabeeb
أنا حَكيم
ana Hakeem
أنا دُكْتور
ana doktoor
أَنا طَبيبة
ana Tabeeba
أَنا حَكيمة
ana Hakeema
أَنا دُكْتورة
ana doktoora
I am an actorأَنا مُمَثِّل
ana mumaththil
أَنا مُمَثِّلَة
ana mumaththileh
I am a journalistأَنا صَحَفِي
ana SaHafiy
أَنا صَحَفِيّة
ana SaHafiyyeh
I am a policeman أَنا شُرْطِي
ana shorTiy
أَنا شُرْطِيّة
ana shorTiyyeh
I am a lawyerأَنا مُحَامِي
ana muHaamiy
أَنا مُحَامِيّة
ana muHaamiyyeh
I am a managerأَنا مُدِير
ana mudeer
أَنا مُدِيرة
ana mudeera
I am a photographerأَنا مُصَوِّر
ana muSawwir
أَنا مُصَوِّرة
ana muSawwira
I am a nurseأَنا مُمَرِّض
ana mumarriD
أَنا مُمَرِّضَة
ana mumarriDa
I am an artistأَنا فَنَّان
ana fannaan
أَنا فَنَّانِة
ana fannaaneh
I am a cleanerأَنا مُنَظِّف
ana munaDHDHif
أَنا مُنَظِّفة
ana munaDHDHifeh

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Introduce yourself in Levantine Arabic

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