to travel in levantine arabic

Verb To Travel in Levantine Arabic سافر

Learn the conjugation of the verb to travel in Levantine Arabic.

This post includes full conjugation of the verb to travel for the present, past and future tense, negation and imperative.

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To Travel in Levantine Arabic – Present

I travelبَسافِرbasaafir
You (m.) travelبِتْسافِرbitsaafir
You (f.) travelبِتْسافْريbitsaafrii
He travelsبِسافِرbisaafir
She travelsبِتْسافِرbitsaafir
We travelمِنْسافِرminsaafir
You (pl.) travelبِتْسافْرواbitsaafroo
They travelبِسافْرواbisaafroo


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I travelledسافَرْتsaafart
You (m.) travelledسافَرْتsaafart
You (f.) travelledسافَرْتِsaafarti
He travelledسافَرsaafar
She travelledسافَرَتsaafarat
We travelledسافَرْناsaafarnaa
You (pl.) travelledسافَرْتواsaafartoo
They travelledسافَرواsaafaroo

To Travel in Levantine Arabic – Future

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I will travelرَح أَسافِرraH asaafir
You (m.) will travelرَح تْسافِرraH tsaafir
You (f.) will travelرَح تْسافْريraH tsaafrii
He will travelرَح يِسافِرraH yisaafir
She will travelرَح تْسافِرraH tsaafir
We will travelرَح نْسافِرraH nsaafir
You (pl.) will travelرَح تْسافْرواraH tsaafroo
They will travelرَح يِسافْرواraH yisaafroo


To negate the verb to travel in Levantine Arabic you need to add ما before the verb.

Examples: I don’t travel – ما بَسافِر , They didn’t travel – ما سافَروا , You (f.) will not travel – ما رَح تْسافْري


Travel (you m.)سافِرsaafir
Travel (you f.)سافْريsaafrii
Travel (plural)سافْرواsaafroo

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To travel سافر

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