Senses in arabic

The five senses in Arabic

Learn the names of the five senses in Arabic. Today you are going to learn how to say sight, touch, smell, taste and hearing in Arabic.

You are also going to learn some other Arabic vocabulary related to senses.

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Senses in arabic

Senses in Arabic

The word sense in Arabic is حاسّة [Haassa], plural: حَواسّ [Hawaass] .

To say the five senses you should say الحَواسُّ الخَمْس [al-Hawassu al-khams] .

Sensitive – حَسَّاس [Hassaas]


The sight – البَصَر [al-baSar] or النَّظَر [an-naDHar]

The sense of sight- حاسَّةُ البَصَر [Haassatu Al-baSar]

To see – يَرَى  [yaraa] – رَأَى [ra’aa]

Eye – عَيْن

Eyes – عُيون

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Blind – أعْمَى [a3maa]


The touch – اللَّمْس [al-lams]

The sense of touch – حَاسَّةُ اللَّمْس [Haassatu al-lams]

To touch – يَلْمِس [yalmis] – لَمَسَ [lamasa]

Hand – يَد [yad] , plural: أَيْدي [aydii]

Finger – إصْبَع [iSba3], plural: أَصابِع [aSaabi3]

Skin – جِلْد [jild]

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The five senses in Arabic – Smell

The smell – الشَّمّ [ash-shamm]

The sense of smell – حاسّةُ الشَّمّ [Haassatu ash-shamm]

To smell – يَشُمّ [yashumm] – شَمَّ  [shamma]

Nose – أَنْف [anf]


The taste – التَّذَوُّق [at-tadhawwuq]

The sense of taste – حاسَّةُ التَّذَوُّق [Haassatu at-tadhawwuq]

To taste – يَتَذَوَّق [yatadhawwaq] – تَذَوَّقَ [tadhawwaqa]

Tongue – لِسان [lisaan]

The five senses in Arabic – Hearing

The hearing – السَّمْع [as-sam3]

The sense of hearing – حاسَّةُ السَّمْع [Haassatu as-sam3]

To hear – يَسْمَع [yasma3] – سَمِعَ [sami3a]

Ear – أُذُن [udhun] , plural; آذان [aadhaan]

Deaf – أَصَمّ [aSamm]

The Sixth Sense in Arabic

An additional frequently used expression in the context of the senses is the term the sixth sense.

To have the sixth sense means to have very good intuition- to have a natural ability to know about things before other people. How to say it in Arabic?

In Arabic, the sixth sense is الحاسَّةُ السَّادِسَة [al-Haassatu as-saadisa].

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Senses in Arabic Quiz

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The Five Senses in Arabic Quiz

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