Names of fingers in Arabic

Names of fingers in Arabic

Learn names of fingers in Arabic and expand your intermediate Arabic vocabulary.

When it comes to names of fingers, Arabic has some unique and interesting names for each one. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the names of fingers in Arabic, and how to pronounce them. There is also plural for each Arabic word.

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How to say finger in Arabic?

The word finger in Arabic is إِصْبَع [iSba3] and plural for fingers is أَصابِع [aSaabi3].

Word finger in Arabic

Names of fingers in Arabic and English

Names of fingers in Arabic
EnglishArabicArabic plural
Index fingerسَبّابة
Middle fingerوُسْطَى
Ring fingerبِنْصِر
Little fingerخِنْصِر

Thumb in Arabic

Thumb in Arabic is called إبْهام [ibhaam] and thumbs أباهيم [abaahiim].

*In Arabic it also means big toe.

Index finger in Arabic

The index finger is called سّبّابة [sabbaaba], which comes from the root س-ب-ب meaning to cause. This finger is often used to point at things or give directions, hence its name.

Middle finger in Arabic

Moving on to the middle finger, it is called الوسطى [al-wusTaa], which literally means “the middle one.”

Ring finger in Arabic

The wordبِنْصِر [binSir] comes from the Arabic rootن- ص- ر, which means to help or to support. The ring finger is traditionally associated with marriage and commitment, as it is the finger on which wedding rings are worn. In some cultures, it is also believed to have a direct connection to the heart.

Little finger in Arabic

ِAnd finally, the little finger, or pinky finger in Arabic is called خِنْصِر [khinSir].

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Names of fingers in Arabic

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