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Levantine Arabic Question Words with examples

Learn Levantine Arabic question words and most common questions.

To form basic conversation you will need to know very important question words like when, who, where etc.

In this post we provide all Levantine Arabic question words with simplified pronunciation if you can’t read Arabic.

We will also give you examples of 20 short, frequently used questions in Levantine Arabic that you can simply memorize and use right away during simple conversation with native speaker.

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Question Words in Levantine Arabic

Who مينmeen






How much/how manyكَم



20 common questions in Levantine Arabic

What is your name?

شو اسْمَك [shou ismak] – asking a man

شو اسْمِك [shou ismek] – asking a woman

Where are you from?

من وين انْتَ [min wein inta] – asking a man

من وين انْتِ [min wein inti] – asking a woman

What’s your job?

شو شُغْلَك [shou shughlak] – asking a man

شو شُغْلِك [shou shughlik] – asking a woman

How old are you?

كَم عُمْرَك [kam 3omrak] – asking a man

كَم عُمْرِك [kam 3omrik] – asking a woman

What time is it?

كَم الساعَة [kam as-saa3a]

What is this?

شو هاد [shou haad]

Who is this?

مين هاد [meen haad] – speaking about a man

مين هاي [meen haay] – speaking about a woman

How are you?

كيف حالَك [keef Haalak] – asking a man

كيف حالِك [keef Haalik] – asking a woman

Do you speak Arabic/ English?

بْتِحْكي إنْجْليزي [btiHki injliizi] – do you speak English?

بْتِحْكي عربي [btiHki 3arabi] – do you speak Arabic?

Where do you live?

وين ساكِن [wein saakin] – asking a man

وين ساكْنِة [wein saakneh] – asking a woman

Are you married?

انتَ مِتْزَوِّج [inta mitzawwij] – to a man

انتِ مِتْزَوّجِة [inti mitzawwjeh] – to a woman

What are you doing?

شو بْتِعْمَل [shou bti3mal] – to a man

شو بْتِعْمَلي [shou bti3mali] – to a woman

How much is it?

كَم سِعْرُه [kam si3ro]

What’s wrong?

شو في [shou fee]

What does this mean?

شو يَعْني [shou ya3ni]

What’s your number?

شو رَقَمَك [shou raqamak] – asking a man

شو رَقَمِك [shou raqamik] – asking a woman

What happened?

شو صار [shou Saar]

How can I help you?

كيف مُمْكِن أساعْدَك [keef mumkin asaa3dak] – asking a man

كيف مُمْكِن أساعْدِك [keef mumkin asaa3dik] – asking a woman

What’s new with you?

شو أخْبارَك [shou akhbaarak] – to a man

شو أخْبارِك [shou akhbaarik] – to a woman

What do you think?

شو رَأيَك [shou ra’yak] – to a man

شو رَأيِك [shou ra’yek] – to a woman

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Levantine Arabic Question Words

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