days of the week in levantine arabic

Days of the Week in Levantine Arabic

Learn days of the week in Levantine Arabic with our list, examples and quiz. Learn how to say on/next/last Friday and more.

Days of the week in Levantine Arabic list

EnglishLevantine ArabicPronunciation
Monday التّنَيْن / الإتْنَيْنet-tnein or el-itnein
Tuesday التَّلَاتَاet-talaata

How to say on Friday/Sunday/Monday…

EnglishLevantine ArabicPronunciation
On Monday يوم التّنَيْنyoom et-tnein
On Tuesday يوم التَّلَاتَاyoom et-talaata
On Wednesdayيوم الأَرْبَعاyoom el-arba3aa
On Thursdayيوم الخَميسyoom el-khamiis
On Fridayيوم الجُمْعَةyoom el-jum3a
On Saturdayيوم السَّبْتyoom es-sabt
On Sundayيوم الأَحَدyoom el-aHad

Useful Vocabulary

the day before yesterdayأوَّل اِمْبَارَحawwal imbaariH
tomorrowبُكْرَا / بُكْرَةbukrah
after tomorrowبَعِد بُكْراba3id bukrah
this weekهَاد الأُسْبُوعhaadal usbuu3

Last Friday/Monday… in Levantine Arabic

Last weekالأُسْبُوع المَاضيel-usbuu3 el-maaDiy
Last Fridayالجُمْعَة المَاضْيِةel-jum3ah el-maaDyeh
Last Thursdayالخَمِيس المَاضيel-khamiis el-maaDiy
Last Sundayالاَحَد المَاضيel-aHad el-maaDiy

Next Friday/Sunday… in Levantine Arabic

Next weekالأُسْبُوع الجَايّel-usbuu3 el-jaayy
Next Fridayالجُمْعَة الجَايِّةel-jum3ah el-jaayyeh
Next Thursdayالخَمِيس الجَايّel-khamiis el-jaayy
Next Sundayالأَحَد الجَايّel-aHad el-jaayy

Every Friday/Sunday… in Levantine Arabic

Every dayكُلّ يُومkull yoom
Every weekكُلّ أُسْبُوع kull usbuu3
Every Fridayكُلّ جُمْعَة kull jum3ah
Every Thursdayكُلّ خَمِيس kull khamiis
Every Sundayكُلّ أَحَد kull aHad


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Days of the week in Levantine Arabic Quiz

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