Continents and oceans in arabic

Continents and oceans names in Arabic

Learn continents and oceans names in Arabic. Today you are going to learn how to say ocean and continent in Arabic and you will get to know the names of 7 continents and 5 oceans in Arabic.

Luckily, the vocabulary is easy to remember because it resembles the English words.

Our vocabulary lists include pronunciation of each Arabic word. At the end of the lesson there is a quiz which will help you to remember the new Arabic vocabulary.

Useful Vocabulary

The word continent in Arabic is قَارَّة [qaarra], plural of qaarra is قَارَّات [qaarraat].

In Arabic the word ocean is مُحِيط [muHiiT] and plural for ocean is مُحيطات [muHiiTaat].

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Continents in arabic

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Continents in Arabic

Learn how to say the names of 7 continents in Arabic:

North Americaأمريكا الشماليةAmriikaa ash-shamaliyya
South Americaأمريكا الجنوبيةAmriikka al-januubiyya
Antarcticaأنتاركتيكا Antaarktiikaa
Australiaأستراليا Ustraalyaa

Oceans in Arabic

Learn how to say the names of the oceans in Arabic:

Atlantic Oceanالمحيط الأطلسيal-muHiiT al-aTlasiy
Arctic Oceanالمحيط المتجمد الشماليal-muHiiT al-mutajammid ash-shamaaliy
Pacific Oceanالمحيط الهاديal-muHiiT al-haadiy
Indian Oceanالمحيط الهنديal-muHiiT al-hindiy
Southern Oceanالمحيط الجنوبيal-muHiiT al-januubiy

How to say Asian/ European/ African in Arabic?

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Asian – آسِيَوِيّ [Aasiyawiy]

European -أوروبّيّ [Uruubbaiy]

African – أَفْرِيقِيّ [Afriiqiyy]


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Continents and Oceans in Arabic

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