to start in levantine arabic

Verb To Start in Levantine Arabic

Learn the conjugation of the verb to start in Levantine Arabic.

This post includes full conjugation of the verb to start for the present, past and future tense, negation and imperative.

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To Start in Levantine Arabic – Present

I startبَبَلِّشbaballish
You (m.) startبِتْبَلِّشbitballish
You (f.) startبِتْبَلّشيbitballshii
He startsبِبَلِّشbiballish
She startsبِتْبَلِّشbitballish
We startمِنبَلِّشminballish
You (pl.) startبِتْبَلّشواbitballshoo
They startبِبَلّشواbiballshoo


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I startedبَلَّشْتballasht
You (m.) startedبَلَّشْتballasht
You (f.) startedبَلَّشْتِballashti
He startedبَلَّشballash
She startedبَلَّشَتballashat
We startedبَلَّشْناballashnaa
You (pl.) startedبَلَّشْتواballashtoo
They startedبَلَّشواballashoo

To Start in Levantine Arabic – Future

I will startرَح أَبَلِّشraH aballish
You (m.) will startرَح تْبَلِّشraH tballish
You (f.) will startرَح تْبَلّشيraH tballshii
He will startرَح يِبَلِّشraH yiballish
She will startرَح تْبَلِّشraH tballish
We will startرَح نْبَلِّشraH nballish
You (pl.) will startرَح تْبَلّشواraH tballshoo
They will startرَح يِبَلّشواraH yiballshoo


To negate the verb to start in Levantine Arabic you need to add ما before the verb.

Examples: I will not start – ما رَح أَبَلِّش , He didn’t start – ما بَلَّش , You (pl.) don’t start – ما بِتْبَلّشوا


Start (you m.)بَلِّشballish
Start (you f.)بَلّشيballshii
Start (plural)بَلّشواballshoo

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To start بَلَّش

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