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Days of the week in Arabic- everything you need to know

Knowing the days of the week in Arabic is basic beginner’s knowledge that you need early on in your language learning journey. Fortunately, the rules for the days of the week in Arabic are clear.

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With this post you will learn:

Days of the week in Arabic

Days of the week in arabic

How to say day/week in Arabic?

day يَوْمyawm

How to say last Friday?

To say last Friday/Thursday/Sunday etc. you have to add word the last which is الماضي (al-maaDy) after the name of the day of the week. Examples:

Last Sundayالأحد الماضيal-aHad al-maady
Last Thursdayالخميس الماضيal-khamees al-maaDy
Last Fridayالجمعة الماضيةal-jum3a al-maadyia

How to say next Friday?

To say next Friday/Thursday/Sunday etc. you have to add word the next which is القادم (al-qaadem). See the examples:

Next Sundayالأحد القادمal-aHad al-qaadem
Next Thursdayالخميس القادم al-khamees al-qaadem
Next Fridayالجمعة القادمة al-jum3a al-qaadema

How to say on Friday?

To say on Friday/Thursday/Sunday etc. you have to add word day before the day of the week. The word day, as you may remember from the beginning of this post, is يَوْم (yawm). See the examples:

on Sundayيوم الأحد yawm al-aHad
on Thursdayيوم الخميس yawm al-khamees
on Fridayيوم الجمعة yawm al-jum3a

You can also add the preposition في (fee) – in/on/during. Example: في يوم الأحد – literally: on the day of Sunday -> on Sunday.

How to say every day, every week, every Friday?

To say every day/week/Friday etc. you must add word every which is كل (kul).

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every day كل يوم (kul yawm)
every week كل أسبوع (kul Usboo3)
every Friday كل جمعة (kul jum3a)
every Sunday كل أحد (kul aHad)

Notice that in order to say every Friday/Sunday/Monday etc. we skip the definite article ال

Interesting fact about weekend days in Arab countries

Traveling to Arab countries, you should know that the most important day of the week is Friday. This is due to the fact that Friday is for Muslims a sacred day of worship. The very word Friday in Arabic language means the day of congregation. Every Friday there is a sermon (خطبة) in the mosques in addition to the usual prayer.

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The working days of the week are Sunday-Thursday and the weekend is Friday-Saturday, where of course Friday is the main day off.

Earlier the weekend used to fall on Thursday-Friday (still in Somalia and Yemen), but most of the countries switched to Friday-Saturday and some of them later to Saturday-Sunday weekend to be in line with global markets.

Countries that have switched to a Saturday-Sunday weekend are: Lebanon, Tunisia, Morocco and the latest United Arab Emirates (from 1 January 2022). Arab countries like for example Jordan, Iraq, Algeria, Egypt, Syria, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia observe the weekend on Friday and Saturday.

Days of the week in Arabic Quiz

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