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Find the Arabic vocabulary you need to achieve fluency. Our vocabulary lists include words and phrases for Modern Standard Arabic and Levantine Arabic at all levels. 

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modern standard Arabic vocabulary

Modern Standard Arabic

Enrich your Arabic vocabulary and learn thousands of new Arabic words with our Arabic Vocabulary Lists. Perfect for beginners and advanced learners. Each list includes pronunciation, short vowels and Quizzes.

Learn levantine arabic

Levantine Arabic

Speak Arabic like a native speaker! Materials for Levantine Arabic learning: Syrian, Lebanese, Jordanian and Palestinian Arabic learning materials. Vocabulary, grammar, listening, reading and more.

Learning Tips & Resources

Are you lacking motivation to learn? Here you will find many useful tips and creative ideas for learning Arabic as well as resources for self-study.

arabic vocabulary quizzes

Arabic Vocabulary Quizzes

Arabic Vocabulary Quizzes for Modern Standard Arabic & Levantine Arabic for beginners, intermediate and advanced learners.

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